Ellen and John with Olympic Champion Carl Lewis

Client testimonials

 "My husband and I have been going to  Ellen's training studio for over a year.  She makes weight  training  sessions fun!  Ellen varies the routine every week based on how we feel  and what distance we are running the next day.  Jim and I know we are  stronger and more balanced since she started our training.  Just can't  say enough about her training knowledge and level of professionalism."  Grace B.

"Been  a client for a number of years and have been able to lose some of the  weight that I wanted to lose.  I am not a diet person so I am doing it  slowly.  I have higher energy levels and all my blood work is really  good according to my Doctor.  Could not be happier.  Thanks to Ellen I  have dropped three sizes and have muscle instead of fat.  I highly  recommend Ellen for anyone looking to tone up and not have someone  critical of your weight."  ​Julia S.

"Ellen  delivers a creative environment that makes working out fun.  For the  last 8 months, we've been working out with Ellen, and couldn't feel  better!

I've  been playing sports and lifting weights with trainers for years, but  not until I started working out with Ellen did I finally learn the right  way to do each exercise.  She has gotten me to focus on the specific  muscles being used, and hones in on my posture to ensure the movements  are correct throughout.

My wife, who also works out with Ellen, and couldn't look or feel better.

Did  you know how important it is to stretch, especially as we get older?  I  didn't either.  All of these years of working out and feeling minor  pain or discomfort, all because I wasn't taking enough time to properly  stretch.  Ellen has also instilled in us the need to stretch, and  demonstrates good stretching techniques (just as she demonstrates all  the exercises)."   Bill C.

"...  I'm also THRILLED with the progress we've been making! Everyone has  noticed the change and when I weighed myself on my body fat analyzing  scale, my body fat was the lowest it has ever been!!! ... Maybe someday  I'll be your poster child."Traci D.

"I  am really excited about the improvements I have seen in my cycling  since I have increased my workouts from once a week to 3 times a week. I  can now keep up with the fast riders and also have the ability to  sprint when I need to. It is so nice to not be at the back anymore! I  shared with Ellen my goals and my workouts with her are  tailored toward  these." Leslie K.

"When  I was looking for a trainer, the thing that stood out for me about  Ellen was that she was a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member. I knew she  understood the struggles of weight loss. As I started working out with  Ellen, we set goals together and achieved them. One year after becoming a  Weight Watchers Lifetime Member myself, I am still working out with  Ellen. Our goals are now more focused on performance (5k times!) rather  than weight loss (over 35 pounds lost!).  Thank you Ellen for helping me  to achieve my goals! "  Ashley F.

I've been  training with Ellen for six years. I first recruited her to help me get  in shape for my wedding and, after seeing the transformation in my body,  I've stayed with her. I'm always getting compliments on my toned arms,  and I love it! The best part about Ellen is that she always comes up  with new ideas for workouts and is very willing to adapt to my needs.  She is a great motivator and sets a wonderful example of a healthy  lifestyle. THANK YOU for all you do!   Sandy L.

At  62, I am improving my stamina, strength, coordination, balance, and  flexibility. Ellen Rodriguez set me on this path about four years ago. I  find Ellen's training sessions unique and interesting. We repeat  exercises but never and entire workout. Ellen's approach balances  concern for the realities of my age with real physical challenges,  challenges that I am proud of accomplishing.
I am enjoying it!  Tom J.   

 Ellen's enthusiasm is infectious!  John W. Mecom, Jr.  

I  want to tell you how much I appreciate the work that you did with me.   It is amazing that it has awakened my muscle memory. I rode Wednesday  and Thursday.  I already noticed a marked improvement in my connection  with my horse, Tippy.  In fact last night I gave a loud hoot when she  made a smooth long sliding stop (the first in a very long time).  I will  ride today and show her Saturday and Sunday at Great Southwest  Equestrian Center.  I know that your Pilates exercises woke my core and  legs. The exercises are working (and I am feeling it in my thighs and  stomach, ouch!).  It's great.    Gerry W.

I  am a 26 year old mom of 2 children under the age of 3.  I started  training with Ellen to loose my baby weight when my daughter was 6  months old (about 7 months ago).  I was 176 lbs and always had problems  with my knees which limited me when it came to working out and running.   I have lost 25 lbs (*and still loosing) and have never felt better  about myself!  I am always getting compliments and I have more energy to  devote to my family - which is much needed!  Not only has Ellen helped  me accomplish a much desired goal but she has also helped me develop a  healthy lifestyle (nutrition, wellness, stretching, etc. - you name  it).  I have never been one of those who love, let alone like working  out - but now I get excited just thinking about it!  With Ellen the  possibilities are endless and she has done a great job keeping me  encouraged throughout this process.  I have never been a runner but now  we are focusing on my first 5k race!!!  Thank you Ellen - for changing  my life and helping me develop a desire to live a healthy lifestyle.   Needless to say my husband is very grateful too.  Tanisha C. 

I'm a former professional football player and am very accustomed to high intense/high level training.  However, toward the end of my career, I became focused on total body workouts, cross-fit type of full body engagement.  I desired to be complete - tone, muscle endurance, able to run longer distances and maintain a lot of the physique from my athletic days. 

After my wife had our second child I was searching for someone who could help my wife establish a healthy lifestyle but also tailor workouts to fit her and at the same time pose a challenge.  My wife lost 27 lbs. was running 5k's, down to a size 4 and was experiencing that lifestyle introduced by none other than Ellen!  So, of course I had to try her out.  Here I am 8 months later five (5) pants sizes smaller, XL shirt to a medium, and lost a total of 10lbs!!  Oh, and running 5k's which I've never done before.

Ellen models what every individual should want in a trainer!  She's a BEAST!  Thank you Ellen!   Paul C.

A friend referred me to Ellen and I am ever so thankful she did!  I was in my second trimester and needed an energy boost.  Boy did Ellen not only increase my energy levels while pregnant, but overall fitness! I had a great time with her.  She is personally a phenomenal woman and genuinely concerned about her clients whole being.  I recommend Ellen to anyone who is preparing for a baby, but as well those who just want to look fantastic.  My aunt arms looked better when I was pregnant than they did before that time (and I was in the gym at least six days a week).  This is an investment you surely want to make in yourself.  Love her!  Lisa B.

I found Ellen through Yelp and the previous reviews were right:  she is great!  I started working with Ellen in November.  She was very receptive to what I wanted to get out of our sessions (I wanted to feel good after working out, not feel like I'd been run over by a truck).  She is very sensitive to what I like and don't and is able to push me further than I thought I could or would go.  I've also started walking a few times a week outside of working with Ellen and because of her encouragement have actually run several times during my walks.  If you had told me when I started that I would voluntarily run with no one telling me I must do it, I would have called you a liar.  Ellen can lead you into a lifestyle change gently so it feels natural.  I think I am most appreciative of that.  Jennifer D.

I have been Ellen's client for months and am extremely satisfied.  I am a 77 y/o woman with multiple bone/joint issues.  My decision to week a physical trainer followed a fall resulting in a broken knee and ensuing surgery.  The challenging recovery from the accident had left me feeling weak with little stamina/endurance.  My goal is to "feel better" and to "ache less."  I have met both goals and then some.  I am very comfortable in her workout studio and surprised to find that I thoroughly enjoy the "work."  Ellen makes "work fun."  My fear was that I would sustain further injury but found that I always feel better leaving her gym room.  She varies the workouts and is careful and attentive to individual needs and capabilities.  One unexpected outcome has been a near recovery from a rotator cuff issue.  Ellen designed a home workout plan that I follow and profit from.

I strongly recommend Ellen Rodriguez to any person, young or old, seeking a personal trainer.  She is knowledgeable, kind, fun and totally focused on her client's goals.  Time in her private studio is a welcome weekly retreat with rewards that have exceed by expectations.  Joy  S.

I have been training with Ellen for a few months now and she is the best!!  I am type of person who does not like to exercise  and to my surprise I actually have begun to enjoy my sessions with her!  She has a wonderful upbeat personality and is just an all around good person!

I have a job that is not a typical 9-5 day and she has been great a working with my crazy schedule.  I appreciate that very much!  I have recommended her to friends and feel very confident in her abilities as a personal trainer.  Miranda H.

Ellen is the best!!!  She's not only a great trainer, she's a great person.  I've been her client for over 2 years and I'm so much stronger now than before.  My energy level, balance and coordination have significantly improved and I'm happy that I have done this for myself.

Ellen is the only trainer that I have had.  I didn't know what to expect but from the beginning Ellen made me feel welcome and comfortable.  I love the fact that I can train at her studio rather than at a gym, which is also available.  I've had balance issues for several years and wasn't sure if having a trainer would make a difference.  I finally decided it was time to find out and Ellen's training has made such a difference in my balance and flexibility.  My legs, core and upper body have become noticeably stronger.

Ellen is patient and knowledgeable.  Her full attention is on you at all times making sure you are correctly doing a certain exercise, how it could hurt you if it's done incorrectly and explaining what muscles the exercise will benefit.  Most importantly, she knows your weak areas and concentrates on making those areas stronger by motivating you and challenging you to get you to the next level.

I highly recommend Ellen to anyone looking to tone up, become more flexible and really get into shape.  Valerie C.

Ellen has helped me tremendously to get my health, weight and fitness levels back on track.  After three years of focusing on my job and family I found that I was almost 40 pounds overweight.  Ellen and I discussed my goals, my fitness "style" -i.e. how I liked to work out and what types of exercises I liked and which were most effective.  I had a few injuries and chronic issues that she asked me about in order to tailor my workouts around those issues.  There are several things I like about Ellen versus other trainers I have worked with.  Every workout is different.  Even though you are working the same muscles, you work them in a different way.  And she uses a lot of compound moves and functional exercises that help you in your everyday activities.  Therefore boredom never sets in and I actually noticed pretty good results for being so out of shape.  The other thing that stands out about her method is that even though she may have a whole workout planned out for me, if I am not feeling it that day she can change it up on the fly-no stress involved.  And finally, the encouragement she gives before, during and after the workout is priceless.  She will push you, but not beyond your capabilities and certainly not to the point of pain.

I always see her in her office on Westcott that is well equipped and suits my needs.  I have been working with her for a couple of months and have lost over ten pounds.  But the self confidence I have re-gained is priceless.  Debbie V.

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