Stretching videos and printable stretches

We are happy to provide you with a list of stretching videos below. They are grouped by areas of the body. Stretching expert Bob Anderson says that stretching should never hurt; you should only feel "mild discomfort".

Printable stretches

Would you like a list of printable stretches? Please send an email with "stretches" in the subject line. 

Stretching book

Our favorite stretching book is: "Stretching" by Bob Anderson. You will see several different stretches for most parts of the body. This will allow you to customize your stretching program. Bob Anderson has custom pages for a LOT of different sports. He has also added recommendations for non-athletic concerns, like "Desk and Computer" stretches. This book should be available through an online search.

Have a specific stretching question?

If you don't see your area of concern, please contact me. Thank you!

Lower body

The Door Stretch - This is good for your legs, low back and hips

The Sock Stretch - This stretch targets your upper hips and low backand will help your hamstring range of motion as well. 

The Sock & Rock Stretch - See the standing Sock Stretch to learn how this should feel. You can do this variation on a rug or in bed. 

The Pretzel Stretch - This is good for stretching one hip at a time, either on the floor OR in a chair. 

The Ace bandage stretch - This is for your calf or the bottom of your foot (plantar) or both. You'll want to get a six foot Ace bandage; the original type that does NOT stick to itself. 

Upper body

Lat stretch. Do this on a counter top for your Lats  

Chest and back stretch. Hold on to a door frame or gym equipment.  

Other stretches we like

The Air Travel Stretch - This video has great tips (they were NEW to me!) about sitting and stretching in those tiny airplane seats! Be sure to view this before your next airplane trip.