Corporate Wellness


Ellen can help your company!


Ellen has done  month-long on-site fitness challenges and one-day fitness follow ups. She has led groups of 4 to 6 employees of varying degrees of fitness through a) stretching, b) stability and c) strength exercises. 

Company feedback

"We received some great feedback on the value of adding a trainer to our challenges to ensure a variety of exercises were introduced and performed safely, especially for those who didn't regularly do strength training." 

"Ellen's passion for fitness is obvious and she was extremely flexible to meet our needs and adapt as we modified the wellness challenge throughout the month. "

Heather A.      Sr. Compensation & Benefits Specialist CNOOC Petroleum

Corporate participant feedback

1) "Ellen exhibited great energy and enthusiasm."

2) "Ellen tailored the sessions to my fitness level."

3) "I was able to pick up some new alternative stretches and exercises to add to my workouts."

What Ellen can do for your company

Ellen can  share information sheets and sign up forms for your employees. Ellen will prepare several different workouts so the exercises can be modified based on everyone's fitness level and needs. Ellen can adjust the length of workouts to fit your company's schedule.

What you can do for your employees

You can have in house communication with your employees about Ellen's corporate fitness event(s). Ellen can provide sign up sheets that you can distribute in your company.

Corporate rates

The base rate for Corporate fitness is $130 per hour. Additional travel time expense will be calculated on a case by case basis.

Questions? Contact Ellen today! Call or text: 713-410-7072